Thesis Schedule

Semester 1 (3 hours)

Students will complete a prospectus, a full chapter (and potential separate introduction), and the draft of a second chapter.

WEEK 6 EARLY MIDTERM EXAM—prospectus due to Rhetoric and Composition faculty

For the MTW we ask that a prospectus be READ by all three faculty members at this time. For the prospectus to be approved, two out of three composition faculty sign off on the project.

WEEK 7—feedback on prospectus given (if a committee member has concerns or questions, the student is required to submit a letter to the committee, explaining how s/he will meet these concerns)

WEEK 8—committee meets with student, a plan and schedule for that student is discussed, committee draws up the schedule in writing and student signs off on its contents—please file this document with the MTW director.

WEEK 11—first chapter due to director and thesis class leader

WEEK 14—first chapter goes out to second reader, draft of second chapter is due as part of final exam for thesis course

Semester 2 (3 hours)

Students will complete a final draft of Chapter Two and will draft and complete Chapter Three by WEEK SIX.

(These chapters may be sent out individually to second readers, or they may be submitted all together, depending on the second reader’s preference)

Full thesis will be due to first AND second readers by WEEK NINE.

Defense of thesis should occur by WEEK TWELVE/THIRTEEN.

Students will then assemble portfolio materials and prepare for the job market during this time with the instructor of record. The portfolio materials should be prepared throughout the two years the students are with us, so the only requisite at this point will be to polish the documents.

Portfolio Requirements:

Current CV and optional web version on LinkedIn, WordPress, or other venue (prepared in the Professional Writing and Editing course)

Teaching Observation Form (the MTW director or composition director will observe the teacher in the second year)

Teaching Philosophy (prepared in the Teaching Practicum course)

Sample Assignment Sheets and Syllabi (prepared in the Practicum course)

Teaching Demonstration (prepared in the Practicum course)