6975 Thesis/Portfolio

projectThesis Requirement for Master of Teaching Writing Degree

In order to graduate with the requisite number of hours for the degree, students will enroll in 6 hours of thesis coursework during the second year of their studies. Unlike other master’s degrees, this course will meet regularly with an instructor of record who acts as a writing coach/research methods consultant during the process. This writing instructor may or may not be one of the readers on the thesis committee.

The first and second readers will be selected based on their particular knowledge and/or specialty. It is strongly suggested that thesis projects be between 50 and 75 pages in length, and we also suggest that students build on an existing essay or project from a previous course rather than start from scratch. While some of these deadlines may be flexible under particular circumstances, we urge students to adhere to a schedule that facilitates degree completion in two semesters of thesis coursework.

Because the Master of Teaching Writing is a new degree, state officials will want us to demonstrate that we are not only enrolling students but graduating them in a timely fashion. Keep in regular touch with your committee and instructor. If, for any reason, you delay your completion of the thesis, we will need to make a new schedule and have all parties agree to that. Lack of communication may result in penalty to the program itself as well as a halt in your growth as a master’s candidate. Therefore, the MTW Thesis/Portfolio 6975 is a GRADED course, not a PASS/FAIL option. In other words, you will receive an A, B, C, D, or F at the end of the term. Incompletes will only be issued under special circumstances.