4060/6060 Theories in Composition 

This class is open to undergraduate English majors and English graduate students, particularly those seeking the Master of Teaching Writing degree or the Certificate of Writing.

By the end of the course, students should be able to understand and articulate–

1.  a new perspective on ideas most of us take for granted, such as literacy and correctness

2. his/her own writing process and the surprises involved within

3. the latest developments and theories in the field of writing studies

4. the different ways to join the academic conversation in writing studies

From Elizabeth Wardle and Doug Downs in Writing about Writing:

“You might wonder why it is more helpful to learn about writing than to simply be told how to write. What good will this do you as a writer? We think the answer to this question is that changing what you know about writing can change the way you write. Much of the research . . . questions everyday assumptions about writing–like the idea that you can’t use your own voice in writing for school, or that writing is just easy for some people and hard for others, or that literacy is only about how well you can read. If you change your ideas about what writing is supposed to be, you’re likely to do different things–better things–with your writing.”