1010 Syllabus (Fall 2018)

ENGLISH 1010 (CRN 3007)                            HOWARD                      FALL 2018

Course Website: https://bettercallcomp.wordpress.com 

Classroom: Liberal Arts Tech Wing 110         Class time: Tues/Thurs 9:25am-10:40am

Email: khowar20@aum.edu                              Office: 144 I (first floor Liberal Arts)

Office Hours: 10:45am-12:15 Tues/Thurs, 9:30am-12:30pm Wed (Aug 22-Dec 8)

You may also email me to request a different time, and we’ll make a plan to meet.

Required Texts and Resources

Binder and notebook paper

Laptop at home and/or in class

Access to AUM email, Blackboard, and Internet on regular basis

All readings will be provided or linked for you on the course website. No textbook is required for this course. 

ENGL 1010 English Composition I (3 credits)

Prerequisite: ENGL 0103 if required

ENGL 1010 is a first-year writing course focused on introducing students to the concepts and practices of rhetoric and composition. The course prepares students to compose texts in variety of genres for various purposes, audiences, and contexts, including digital environments. The course emphasizes analytical and critical skills: rhetorical analysis, critical thinking, argument, and reflection. Students use writing processes to draft, peer review, revise, edit, and reflect on their work. The course assignments and projects prepare students for varied writing contexts at the university and in their future professional career.

Students must talk, learn, and write each day as a community and must be willing to entertain new perspectives (ones sometimes different from what you learned in high school).  They should expect to work as a community in class (and online) to read, write, and review their work throughout the term. Participation and attendance are essential to success. Approximately very eighth class meeting is a draft workshop with me and 2-3 of your peers in my office, 144I. Part of your responsibility this term is to learn from the revision and feedback you receive from your classmates and me.

***Students should save EVERYTHING that they write for this course.***

Course Goals for Students:

Students will work to improve their abilities in the following areas–

  • Audience awareness and perspective shifting
  • Rhetorical strategies and logic
  • Evaluating peer writing
  • Organizing ideas
  • Determining relevance of information
  • Alternating between material and digital media

Key Terms for English 1010 include but are not limited to:

  • Audience
  • Context
  • Rhetorical situation
  • Purpose (or exigence)
  • Reflection
  • Circulation
  • Genre
  • Discourse community

Classmate Contact Information (please obtain this info by 2nd class mtg)

Name and email or phone:__________________________________

Name and email or phone: _____________________________________

Class Grading and Point Distribution                                            

Unit 1: Writing to Inform and Shift Perspective                60 pts               (20%)

Unit 2: Restaurant Analysis                                                    60 pts              (20%)

Unit 3: Problem Solving and Proposals                                60 pts              (20%)

Unit 4: Portfolio and Reflection Letter                                  60 pts             (20%)

Classwork, Workshop, Drafts                                                  60 pts              (20%)                   

TOTAL                                  300 pts            100%

 Final grades do not have plus or minus designations but are calculated as A 90-99, B 80-89, C 70-79, D 60-69, and F below 60. YOU MUST EARN A ‘C’ OR HIGHER IN THIS COURSE TO MOVE ON TO ENGLISH 1020.

Attendance and Communication:

Students are expected to attend all classes. Each unit only lasts 3-4 weeks, and each class period requires writing that counts toward your final grade. Students are allowed the equivalent of one week’s absences from class (2 class meetings).  After the third absence, students receive one letter grade off their final average for each class missed during the semester. Tardiness will also affect participation and overall averages.

Advisor and doctor visits are to be scheduled around AUM class instruction times. These do not count as excused absences unless it is an emergency. It is your responsibility to contact the two people listed above if you are absent and need to know what you missed. I do not reteach or recap missed classes for anyone except in serious emergencies. If you send an email asking what you missed, it may not be answered. You get the most out of your university life when you learn to work with and connect with peers in these situations.

When emailing me, please introduce yourself fully (name, class period) before asking your question. If you ask me something, I need context for who you are before giving you the best answer. If I don’t know who you are or what you want, I assume you are spam. Email addresses alone don’t identify you properly. Also, please address me as Dr. Howard, and include a subject header in your email that explains the nature of your question, too.

Scope and Sequence for AUM Composition:

English 1010, your course, is focused on helping you build essays effectively and not on source investigation and documentation. You will write on topics and pop culture artifacts that you already know so that I may help you organize, structure, and clarify your own thoughts before you move fully into the “academic conversation.” Therefore, your content will come from your own experiences, ideas, and reactions to culture. English 1020, the second semester of composition, is primarily a research-driven course where you develop one main project with attention to the ideas of others as well as your own.

Academic Honesty:

All work submitted to this class must be your own and written exclusively for this class. Don’t recycle or reuse work.  In cases where plagiarism or other academic dishonesty is clearly established, the penalty could be a grade of “F” in the class, regardless of the value of the assignment. No assignment in 1010 requires extensive research; additionally, assignments in this class are designed with specific goals. Purchasing or copying materials from someone else rarely yields anything more than a D or F due to the “poor fit” such a document makes within our class ecology.

Curtiss Course Critiques:

AUM is committed to effective teaching. Students assist in maintaining and enhancing this effectiveness by completing teaching evaluations in a thoughtful and honest manner. We ask that you take time to respond to all questions and write comments. You do have the right to not participate in this process, but leaving your impressions as a legacy to students coming behind you is very important to us.

Your feedback helps to develop more effective and creative approaches to teaching. This information you provide is used in the annual faculty evaluation, reappointment, and promotion and tenure processes. The instructor will not be given de‐identified student comments nor informed of the aggregated results of evaluations until after final grades have been submitted. All individual student responses will be confidential.

Feel free, however, to see me throughout the semester and let me know how I might make the class more accessible or fair to you. Communication is key. If something in class does not make sense, ask for help. That’s why I’m here.

Special Needs Statement:

Auburn University at Montgomery attempts to make reasonable accommodations to meet the special needs of its students with disabilities. Students requiring special services should notify their instructor as soon as possible. Assistance is available from the Center for Disability Services, which is located at Taylor 147. Reach them at cds@aum.edu or (334) 244-3631. The key is to communicate with me regularly about these things so I may help you have the best learning experience possible.

(If you need to change your seating, the way you take quizzes, or have a concern about your learning in general, you need not go to CDS for all of these matters. Come see me or email me and I will help you find a solution that works for you.)

Assignment Protocol/Late Work:

Papers should be emailed no later than the date and time specified on the course schedule. In-class writing activities must be completed before exiting class (on paper or emailed to me).



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