1010 Schedule (Fall 2018)

Attendance is very, very important and DOES affect participation grades.

FYI: academic calendar for AUM is here:  http://www.aum.edu/current-students/academics/calendar

Unit 1 on Perspective and Information

Tues, Aug 21: Orientation, writing exercises, introduction to course themes

HW: Read Reid’s “Ten Ways to Think about Writing” — click below and download:


Thurs, Aug 23: Writing exercises, discussion of Reid

HW: visit Wellness Center and take selfie to share with class, write down 5 positive and 5 negative traits of the space itself to share with us when you return

Tues, Aug 28: Writing exercises, discussion of Reid continued

HW: read “Critical Thinking in College Writing: From the Personal to the Academic” by DasBender  CLICK HERE TO ACCESS ARTICLE– dasbender–critical-thinking

Thurs, Aug 30: Review DasBender, writing observations and shifting perspective

View studentsampleforperspectivepaper and think critically about use of detail

HW: write both a positive and negative observation of a place you visit over the weekend (2-2.5 double spaced pages), email it Wed night to me by 8pm


Thurs, Sep 6: Field research activity in partners

Then rewrite directions to a young child

Introduction to genre of assignment sheets and first project InfoEssayProject2

HW: Interview 2 people about a personal skill or talent you possess (e.g. playing the trumpet, solving puzzles, painting, soccer). What is their reaction or opinion of your hobby? Write down 2 things they said about your skill that sound like stereotypes. Then look up a popular culture example of your topic, too, and write a few sentences about how it misleads or informs us about your topic/skill (ex: the Harry Potter books give us the wrong idea of what being a teacher is really like).

Tues, Sep 11: How perspective affects information and audience awareness, interview classmates about your skill/talent / sign up for rough draft workshops with me in my office

HW: find three different accounts of the same recent event from online news, be ready to share in class

Thurs, Sep 13: Creative ways to teach and inform—analogies, mythbusting, adjusting your rhetoric for different audiences (young and old), relevance


Model of the assignment: studentsampleproject1

HW: finish rough draft for workshop on Tues, check email for classmates’ papers, email your paper to your group by 6pm Monday /also check email for my comments on your perspective paper–you will receive these by Monday

Tues, Sep 18: Writing workshop in my office 144I from 9:15am to 11:15am OR

[Wed, Sep 19: Writing workshop in my office 144I from 9:15am to 10:45am]

HW: work on changes to your rhetoric that were suggested in workshop

Thurs, Sep 20:

Resume normal class meetings–discuss peer workshop, section C questions

Assignment 1 emailed by 11:59pm tonight to khowar20@aum.edu (you don’t need to email your workshop group, just me)

This file should be in MWord form and should be ONE document. Divide into Parts A, B, and C.

HW: read Irvin’s “What is Academic Writing?” article (click irvin–what-is-academic-writing); decide which restaurant is your favorite and make a point to eat there in the next week

Unit 2 on Rhetorical Analysis:

Tues, Sep 25: Discuss Irvin and writing for academic audiences–PLEASE CHECK EMAIL–CLASS THIS DAY HAS BEEN CANCELLED

HW: go out to eat at your favorite restaurant, and take notes on the space, the menu, the uniforms, the layout, and the decorations; snap photos when needed

Thurs, Sep 27:

Comments about Irvin’s article: definition of analysis

Definitions of pathos, ethos, and logos

Discuss Assignment 2 in class together: Writing Proj 2 Fall 2018

HW: if you have not already done so (and I hope you have), eat at your restaurant; take notes on the space, the menu, the uniforms, the layout, and the decorations; snap photos when needed.  Begin organizing and coding the data for the upcoming project.

Tues, Oct 2:

How places and spaces make arguments continued: organization strategies

Old/New contract and SIEL method techniques

HW: read and comment on example of Assignment 2: assignment2studentexample

Thurs, Oct 4:

Analysis v. summary; review student example

HW: write rough draft and email it to your team by 6pm Monday night; check email for comments and grade on Project 1; read the papers you receive, paying close attention to “flow” and relevance/meaningful analysis

Tues, Oct 9: WRITING WORKSHOP in my office 9:15am-10:45am

9:15am Shabom, Christa, Darnell /   9:45am Mishel, Harsh, Skylar

10:15am Lauren, Eli, Shalom

Thurs, Oct 11: WRITING WORKSHOP in my office 9:15am-10:45am

9:15am Eric, Antanique, Chidimma / 9:45am Major, Madison, LJ

10:15am Jim’Miya, Jack, Connor

HW: first group of writing workshop students must email papers by 11:59pm Thursday night; second group that met on Thurs must email papers by 11:59pm Saturday night


Tues, Oct 16:

Start unit on argument and proposals (and review of past 2 units)

Brainstorming problems, finding solutions

HW: write a letter to the chancellor of the college, asking him to change something on campus (450 words)–may be handwritten or typed

Thurs, Oct 18:

Share letters, discuss ways to persuade audience

Problem of fallacies, or errors in logic

HW: read article by Jones here: ENGL1010-jones–finding-the-good-argument, stop at page 171

Tues, Oct 23:

Using data, graphs, captions, and the like

How to construct surveys and use them to help argue your case

HW:  Download and save Project 4 Proposal Fall 2018 handout. Read over this document more than once. Start constructing your survey (must have between 5 and 7 questions, must be in the form of Likert scale to receive credit–look up images and examples online to remind you of how to do this)

Thurs, Oct 25

Dr. Howard will be at a conference. You may do the below task on your own–

Study sample proposal from this past summer:  samplestudentproposal

Be ready to talk abut how the proposal genre’s characteristics are unique and different from the typical English essay.

HW: prepare a survey to print and share with the class. Provide enough copies for all your classmates. You can copy and paste the survey twice on the same page since it’s short.

Tues, Oct 30

Students must have their survey with them, printed, enough copies, ready to go when entering the room.

SURVEY DAY (worth 10 points)

Sign up for workshop times

HW: finish adding your data and choosing which parts to incorporate into the “problem” section of your proposal; begin your rough draft

Thurs, Nov 1

Putting it all together

Final comments on business letters, fallacies, rhetorical approach

HW: prepare rough drafts for groups, email them by 5pm on Monday evening

Tues, Nov 6:

First group of workshops in my office 9:15 to 10:45

HW: First group submit papers on Thursday, 11:59pm to me via email

Thurs, Nov 8:

Second group of workshops in my office 9:15 to 10:45

HW: Group 2 submit papers on Sat, 11:59pm to me via email

Tues,  Nov 13:

Reflections on your writing processes

Final project of semester handout: ENG1010PortfolioCoverLetter

Archiving your semester

HW: start to scan all documents using CamScanner app or your photo function in your smartphone, save old papers with appropriate titles and your last name; view first four videos on this link:  https://ekent927.wixsite.com/bbportfolios/quick-guide?fbclid=IwAR0XCPamzuDCzYXzwgGNkAsVKBnobVc8OAxS0P2-xRc2ggJlYyYzdeNxiA8

Thurs, Nov 15:

How to write the final paper for your portfolio: strengths v. weaknesses, key term review, syllabus review, early readings

Rubric for your upcoming portfolio letter: ENGL 1010 Cover Letter Rubric

Announcement about extra credit task

HW: write your portfolio cover letter DRAFT, bring draft to class after Thanksgiving break, must be ready, complete, and saved to your computer by 9:25am on Tues, the 27th. This assignment requires 3.5 to 4 double spaced pages of text.

Tues, Nov 27: 

Curtiss Course Critiques

Rough draft workshop  in teams (10 points)

HW: finish archiving daily work and past papers; start your portfolio (spend 30 min experimenting with the portfolio tool in Bboard)

Thurs, Nov 29:

Second rough draft workshop / troubleshooting the portfolio tool–bring questions

HW: write final version of reflection letter to turn in to me at 11:59pm on Monday, Dec 3. Email this to me at khowar20@aum.edu.


Tues, Dec 4:

This class is optional for those who feel very comfortable with the portfolio technology. Those who don’t need to report to our class as usual with their laptops in hand. Bring all of your assignments saved to your laptop, too.

Wed, Dec 5 and Thurs, Dec 6:  STUDY/READING DAYS–no class

Tues, Dec 11, 9am-10:15am FINAL

“Final exam” (not really an exam in the strictest sense of the term). Bring your laptop this day. We will submit EVERYTHING to your portfolio in one place this morning.

On this day attendance is worth 10 points. You must, however, be able to show that you’ve submitted your portfolio correctly.  You also must be on time and must complete the short survey that you will be asked to take.






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