1020 Resources

Besides Blackboard (http://bb9.aum.edu) and AUM email , which you should consult daily, these places are resources for you. This page is currently under construction for Spring 2017. Keep checking back for updates.

You are welcome to look at student examples from the past. However, some of these assignments will be slightly different for your class, so don’t get too attached to them.

Examples of  ‘A’ work on Exploration Papers from 2015:

Russ Exploration Paper         Exploratory Paper Hanna

Example of ‘A’ work on Chernobyl from 2015:

Chernobyl Project

Example of ‘A’ work on Final Project from 2015:


Example of a “Where I’m From” Assignment (Perspective Activity)


Old Class Tumblr Account and Archive (with images and ideas from 2015)


Video on the importance of changing perspective: “Like Lilly, Like Wilson”


Learn where to share and publish your work from this course:



A major part of learning research is learning how to enter conversation. See the Purdue OWL handout on quoting, paraphrasing, and summary:


A great source for a quick overview of MLA and research in the humanities:



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