1020 Schedule


Thurs, Jan 10:

Intro to class, expectations, syllabus, setting up a blog

Writing prompt about weapons and the zombie apocalypse

HW: set up your WordPress blog (use firstnamelastinitial1020 as your user name on the URL and on WordPress) and write Blog 1. Blog 1 directions: describe a time that you lost electrical power, water, or heat / air conditioning somewhere, at home or perhaps elsewhere. How did you handle the situation, and what tools were helpful during that time? (150 words)

Read handout: False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, and Satirical _News_ Sources

Tues, Jan 15:

How to handle loss of utilities and everyday conveniences: what tools and ideas matter most when something goes wrong? (gathering primary sources with peers)

Why a blog? click here: annelamottshortassignments

Where does our water come from? (gathering secondary sources)

Opening notes on research and news sources: we’ll talk about sources almost every day, take careful notes

Discuss blog requirements

HW: read “What I Learned from the Campus Plumber,” read pages 1-3, then start on page 9 and go to the end of the article. Click on the link below:


Thurs, Jan 17:

Discuss the plumbing article, website research,  and the nature of trustworthy sources

Test sites:



Clip of The Walking Dead pilot

Sample research task:

Where do zombies come from? Why are they associated with the apocalypse?

HW: Answer the research question above about zombies. Find five (5) different websites that you believe are reputable/trustworthy sources of information. Then describe how you located these five sources. All of this–the links and the description of how you found your research–will be Blog 2. 

Tues, Jan 22: MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR holiday

If you’re wondering what your first major assignment is, here is a preview: exploration document 1020

Thurs, Jan 24:

Review Blogs 1 and 2

Discuss first project: exploration document 1020

HW: Find out what happened in Fukushima, Japan in 2011; list three sources that you believe are credible  and list them as Blog 3  / begin thinking about your topic for the exploration paper


HW: List three sources that you believe are credible about the Chernobyl disaster and add them to Blog 3; explain how you found these sources and how you used the “iceberg” technique (starting at the top and digging deeper into the topic by following the trail past Google sources); think about topic for exploration paper

Thurs, Jan 31:

Review sources for Fukushima and Chernobyl, discuss extreme tourism

Searching better on Google, using Google Scholar and peer-reviewed research

Searching for “extreme” AND “tourism” online

Write Blog 4 in class: compose an email message to a college student who is interested in visiting either Fukushima or Chernobyl, advising them whether or not they should go, use sources you’ve found to back up your argument

HW: write exploratory paper and send in by Wednesday, Feb 6 at 11:59pm; this should also be uploaded as Blog 5

Monday, Feb 4: last day for 50% refund for class if you decide to withdraw

Tues, Feb 5:

Share Blog 4 with class

Final questions and thoughts about your exploratory paper/proposals due tomorrow

HW: finish exploration paper and email it by 11:59pm Wed night to khowar20@aum.edu

HW: finish exploratory paper and email it/ Google and bookmark the Purdue OWL website (this will help you with citation); upload it as Blog 5

Thurs, Feb 7:

Quote sandwiches and proper use of source material

Library “stuff” to know

Begin Stedman–https://wac.colostate.edu/books/writingspaces2/stedman–annoying-ways.pdf

HW: read Stedman’s “Annoying Ways” article (see link above), prepare for possible quiz

Tues, Feb 12:

Source investigation and following the trail–our visual map of research

HW: Looking at the task of annotating and analyzing sources critically:


Begin searching for sources for your project on Google and Google Scholar, do metasearches on the AUM Library page as well

Thurs, Feb 14:

Introduce new assignment: Project2outlinebibliography

Discuss the readings from this week and the exercises we completed in recent blogs

Discuss Stedman’s examples and create your own

HW: read “Rhetorical Numbers” article by Joanna Wolfe; write a short summary of the source, then provide a short evaluation of it (we are practicing for the annotated bibliography)

This is worth 5 pts. Post this as Blog 7 before class on Tues.

Tues, Feb 19:

Discuss ways to incorporate and use sources in a proposal for change

Workshopping and formatting annotated bibliographies

HW: locate two reputable sources on our library databases or Google Scholar that you would use for your paper–read them, cite them using MLA, and provide short summaries (3 sentences at most).  THIS WILL BE BLOG 8.

Thurs, Feb 21:

MLA review and notes

From topic to hypothesis to thesis–the journey

Why intro material is longer than one paragraph in a large research project

Using popular culture sources as part of your intro section

HW: finding and using pop culture artifacts in this project–locate two pop culture sources that you might use for your paper–read them, cite them using MLA, and provide short summaries (3 sentences at most). THIS WILL BE BLOG 9.

Tues, Feb 26:

Discuss structure of paper, need for different types of intros, body, and conclusions

Lesson in parallel structure for your outlines

HW: start work on annotated bibliography for your project

Thurs, Feb 28:

Review parallelism in teams

Exercise in library

HW: work on finding sources for your project and annotating them if you haven’t finished; Email your peer review team by Monday at 6pm. You will have two other people on your team, possibly three. Email me as well so I can give you credit for the draft (10pts).

Tues, Mar 5:


Use this handout:  Directions for Peer Review

HW: Final draft of annotated bibliography is due Thurs night, March 7 at 11:59pm to khowar20@aum.edu. Make necessary changes to your document based on peer review.

Thurs, Mar 7:

Revisiting Stedman and Wolfe’s articles,

View parts of  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0JDuuuaCjU

Using transitions both with source material and among paragraphs

HW: turn in your annotated bibliography to me by 11:59pm tonight

Midterm grades will be posted this week.


HW: Consider working on your project either in the form of making your thesis specific, adding an additional source, or writing a sample body paragraph to gain practice integrating research

Tues, Mar 19:

Power point exercise using transitions

Write your reflection on the experience of putting together your annotations and outline. This will be Blog 10.5.

Freewriting on your topic

HW: write a body paragraph for your paper and upload it as Blog 11 before class starts (5 pts); use a part of your freewrite exercise to help you

Thurs, Mar 21:

Using sources in CONVERSATION, typical moves that writers make to show ambivalence, agreement, or disagreement, notes go on Blog 12

Looking at https://qc-writers.com/2016/04/15/997/   and https://qc-writers.com/2017/11/09/1192/  as examples.

Sign up for individual conferences in my office, starting next week

HW: write one of your body paragraphs, using the essays we studied in class as models of how to “join the conversation” in research, this will be Blog 13

Tues, Mar 26:

Looking at models of research conversations in references to popular culture, practicing your own

From hypothesis to specific thesis: thesis should have specific solution at this point

HW: write a paragraph that includes references to popular culture–this will be Blog 14

The week of conferences you will work to put together ALL of your intro and body paragraphs, or the first 5-6 pages of your document.

Thurs, Mar 28:

Student conferences in my office from 9:00 to 12:15; make sure all body paragraphs are up on your blog before entering

Students coming this day: DeAsia, Cooper, Jack, Major, Skyila, Madison, Jaylon, Alex, Caleb, Cameron, Shekinah, Katelin, Shubham

HW: keep writing your body paragraphs and intro paragraphs

Mon, Apr 1:

Student conferences in my office con’t with Kareem, Harsh, J. Michael, Avery, and Tariq

HW: keep writing

Tues, Apr 2:

Student conferences in my office con’t with Solomon, Leanne, Darnell, Chidimma, Jordan, Ryan, Austin, Collin, Jaileigh

HW: keep writing; make sure blogs are up to date

Wed, Apr 3:

Student conferences con’t with Drew, John, Kevin, Marshall, Ade, Bri, and JaQuan

HW: everyone must upload their first 5 pages (intro and body paragraphs) to their blog tonight by 11:59pm. Please consult this document if you have questions about your overall project requirements: BUILDING YOUR ENTIRE PROJECT

Thurs, Apr 4:

Draft of intro and body paragraphs due as Blog 15 (10 pts)

Meet in groups to review material on your blogs.

HW: work on conclusion to final paper–this will be Blog 16

Tues, Apr 9:

Going over the rubric:


Notes about conclusions and final questions

HW: Your final research project is due this week. It should be emailed to khowar20@aum.edu by Thursday night at 11:59pm.

Thurs, Apr 11:

Final notes on works cited, conclusions



Introduce portfolio letter

Portfolio assignment handout: ENGL 1020 Portfolio Cover Letter-Final

HW: Final projects due tonight by 11:59pm.

Tues, Apr 16:

Guidelines of presenting research to your peers

Guidelines of submitting portfolio (your final exam)

HW: prepare short slide show; begin working on portfolio

Thurs, Apr 18:


Work on your portfolios, slide shows for your projects

Assignment: Using the appropriate size font, color scheme, and spacing, create a power point that highlights the main points of your project. No slide should have more than 30 words. Consider also using pictures to help make your points clear.

First slide is your name and project title

5 slides address your problem and solution

Last slide asks for questions

HW: finish your slide show for presentation next week; start letter for your portfolio

Tues, Apr 23:

Presentations on your research in science fair format

HW: write a draft of your portfolio cover letter and have it ready to show me and two classmates for peer review

Thurs, Apr 25:

Peer review workshop on letters

HW: make edits and send final version of letters to khowar20@aum.edu by Sun night, Apr 28 at 11:59pm

Tues, Apr 30:

8am exam for the 9:25am students. You will finish your portfolio and upload it to Bboard. This will take approx one hour.

Thurs, May 2:

10:45am exam for 10:50am students. Finish portfolio and upload it to Bboard. This will take approx one hour.















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