1020 Apocalypse

Welcome to English 1020!

This semester you will research and write an argument about something that will help the city of Montgomery in the event of an environmental disaster (e.g. flood, nuclear attack, tornado, disease). The conditions must include a loss of power/electricity, access to the Internet, and easy access to major highways. You may take this further and consider a shortage of water and food as a possibility or even consider that the air itself is poisoned by radiation.

Your idea may be something concrete or abstract. It might involve looking at the infrastructure and inner workings of a physical location that could serve as a shelter. On the other hand, it may involve the composition of a citywide emergency management plan. The main focus is learning how to conduct research and learning how you can improve the lives of others during a precarious time.

Your argument may draw from existing ideas in popular culture. If Suzanne Collins (Hunger Games trilogy) has created a type of shelter, for example, that you believe could help Montgomery, you may use it as a model. You may cite and engage with stories that feature an apocalypse. These may be in novels, television shows, movies, and/or video games.


  1. Describe the state of things today using both research and your own experience.
  2. Hypothesize an apocalyptic event that disrupts the state of things.
  3. Propose an interesting and unique solution to make life better for the citizens of Montgomery after this event, using research and your own ideas.


POSSIBLE TOPICS: you might propose–

a new way to find clean water if a disaster occurs.

the use of a certain building or infrastructure as a shelter or community space.

the creation of a new weapon for hunting and defense should bullets not be available.

a code of ethics for a small town functioning on a barter system or rationing for goods.

a way to train young people to prepare for natural disasters in their city.

a workshop for adults that teaches them how to use generators in place of electricity

the creation of a future college class that addresses life in Montgomery post-apocalypse.



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